The Basic Equipment For Baking

One of the most therapeutic hobbies of all time is a baking. You need to have the liking and the taste buds for this hobby. Let’s not forget the required equipment is needed is also very important. When you go shopping to buy the equipment, you will realise that there are many items available for purchase and you might not even know a few on the shelves. This guide will list out the basic home and bakery equipment to start getting messy with flour, eggs, sugar and butter!

Measure tools

There are a few tools available for baking. Baking is a type of science and due to this there is a lot of measuring involved. It is very important that the measurements are done to precision and the measuring cups and spoons are available. There are digital weigh scales that will measure the ingredients accurately as well.

Utensils and Pans

Do not forget that you need pans and other utensils as well for the following:

  • Whisker – The eggs will be beaten and the ingredients can be mixed well.
  • Spatula – This will fold ingredient well and can be used to scrap off any remaining ingredients.
  • Brush – Brushes are used to brushing the egg white on the pastry.
  • Baking sheets – Vital when lining the baking tray for certain types of cakes, biscuits and cookies.
  • Cake baking pans – These come in generic shapes and also other patterns such as cartoon characters or cute picture, which are then turned into birthday cakes!


Sieves allow you to remove the clumps and the unwanted material from the sugars and the flour. The distribution of the dry ingredients among the batter will be even and therefore, means mixing will be done very well.


If you do not have a mixer, then run to the store and get one. This will help elevate your experience in the kitchen when baking. You will save energy, time and a big mess when mixing with a whisker.


You will need a few cooling racks to keep the baking items in a ventilated place. When making cookies or desserts you will need a blast chiller in order to get the right texture.

Baking paper or parchment

This is the best method of ensuring that you do not have a hard time cleaning the counter in the kitchen. This also ensure that the baking item does not get stuck on to the baking tray and therefore, make it difficult to be remove.

Make sure you have all the equipment ready before you begin!