What Do You Need To Know About Constant Weight Diving?

It is one of the most popular and impressive types of free diving which is best for the people who want to do adventures. There is depth as well as competition discipline, which is the purest form of advanced scuba diving course. Here, the free divers will go down and come up on their power; the weight that they wear or not on their person will remain the same during the dive.

Use of Fins In Free diving:

Constant weight free diving in which the divers can use fins is known as one of the popular forms diving that is also used in competitions. In this form, the divers should strictly follow the discipline and need to move along with the dive line; when divers want to turn, they will only allow touching the bottom. In this diving style, the free divers not allowed to alter their weight to make this sport easy for them while ascending. This diving is also famous for the people who use mono fins that attach with their both legs during scuba diving. As you can observe by its name that this diving type also added a weight that helps the divers to go in-depth, hold a single breath, and then come back to the surface under their power.

Why This Diving Is Complicated?

Well, in this diving, the divers have to use a heavy sledge that will help them to pull downwards. The sledge is attached with a vertical rope that lets the diver descend speedily. In this way, the diver will never waste his oxygen while going down deeper as far as possible for him. For ascent, the divers can use fins or even their arms for pulling the rope. This diving type is complicated and risky than the other types because in no limits freediving the divers need to descend in-depth as far as possible to go, and then they ultimately need to use and depend on the equipment that they can use to ascend safely on the surface. The people who love to dive may be already familiar with this type of dicing because there was a world-famous movie that was based on this technique.

If you think that you are a true lover of diving and it is your dream to learn more about this sport, then this post can be a great learning opportunity for you. Well, as a free diver, you can choose any type according to your stamina, energy, and self-power. You may select from freediving for time, depth, or distance. During your learning process, you can get a great chance to experiment with a variety of disciplines along with the other free divers. The instructor may take your swimming test first to observe your skills and power. So don’t be afraid and try to give your best. Don’t forget that free diving is a tremendous mental challenge along with a physical problem that will provide you with a chance to polish your skills.